Welcome to the Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney ("LCPA") web page. I hope you find it a useful resource to learn more about our office, its role in the community, and the cases we handle.


Leah Wommack-Askey
Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney
The Office of the Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney consists of 6 attorneys, 8 support staff, 1 investigator and 1 victim advocate.
Prosecutor's Office (636) 528-8571

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 319, Troy Missouri 63379
Physical Address: 45 Business Park Drive, Troy Missouri 63379
The office of Prosecuting Attorney of Lincoln County will to the best of its ability pursue justice with honesty, vigilance and determination to effectively prosecute the perpetrators who bring harm and distress to the citizens of our county.
If you are being represented by an attorney, you must contact the attorney - not us. We are prohibited from discussing a case directly with a represented defendant, or friends or relatives of represented defendants.

Friends or relatives of a defendant should contact the jail for custody information, or the court for court dates OR contact the defendant's attorney.